Random Video Chat

Random Chat With Strangers On Cam for Free Without Registration!

Want to meet strangers from all over the world live on cam? Hook up with singles or just have fun chatting on your phone, tablet or PC with random people in our free random video chat. No registration required, you only need to enter a name to start.

We don’t offer a beautiful website with glitter and flashy things. We provide a fully functioning service that hooks you up with people online via your device video camera and it simply works!

It’s a new service, a brand new website, probably dead right now and needs a little push. So if you have a social media account, invite your mates for a bit of random chat fun! The more the merrier, our servers can cope!


Random Chat Video Chat with Strangers




Some things you should know about random chat.

It is open to the entire internet!

This may sound like a really good thing, it’s accessible and free for everyone. However, not everyone has the same interests as you and not everyone will just be here to chat. Be very careful of any malicious, psychotic, scary, abusive or general idiots that shouldn’t be allowed to have an internet connection. Never arrange to meet anyone in the real world that you meet in a random chat, no matter how gorgeous, funny or genuine they seem to be. The world wide web is full of bad people, just use your common sence and stay safe!

It’s gonna use up your data plan quite fast!

When you use our random video chat, it is basically like watching a HD video. Depending on how fast your internet is depends on how much data you send and receive. Our system uses what’s called “WebRTC” and hooks you up to another person direct via your browser. Nothing is recorded on our servers, you are simply using your internet connection to connect directly to another chatter.

If you have a limited data plan, our random chat will easily chew up around 2 Gigbytes of data in an hour. Only use our random chat if you have unlimited internet data, unless you are stinking rich and don’t give a flying ….!

Can I random chat with people using my phone?

Yes you can! Our system has been tested on all modern smartphones and tablets. As long as you have an up to date browser, Chrome, Firefox or Safari, you can random video chat all day long. It’s also cross device compatible, so if you are in work, bored and using a desktop PC, you will be able to random chat with other people, even if they are in a pub on their mobile phone.

Can I report anyone who annoys me or I find quite scary and weird?

Yes, we love people who help us get rid of the scum, making our service safe and friendly. We have a couple of people with nothing better to do but sit on their ass all day long routing out the idiots. If you are put one on one with someone who just sits there and stares for 30 seconds before leaving, without saying a thing, that’s probably one of us. Anyway, if you find something, contact us here with the exact time of the incidence and we will get rid of the offender or report them to the authorities if it’s something really bad.

Is it safe to use a random online chat?

Yes and no. If you use your common sense then great, if you want to get beaten up, robbed or murdered then go ahead and invite complete strangers for tea at your house or a walk in the woods. Stay safe, keep the random chat online only and never hook up with complete strangers in real life that you meet online, it can be a nasty world we live in.