Group Video Chat

Chat With Lots Of Strangers On Cam In Groups for Free Without Registration!

Random Chat Group Video Chat with Strangers

This is a group video chat room that can be full of random strangers. Unlike our one to one random chat, this chat allows upto 20 chatters at a time in a conference style group video chat room. It can be great fun, chatters enter and leave, you don’t know who’s coming in next. If you enjoy socializing in groups, stick around and enjoy.

If nobody else is here and you are all on your own, it’s quite pointless so to make things more interesting, use the share buttons to invite your mates. We don’t expect our website to get really busy or popular because Google don’t really like what we do. We rely on people like you to share the crap out of our website and introduce people to our chats.

Our random group video chat is basic but works. It doesn’t matter what device you use, mobile, tablet or PC, it simply works on anything. You can even send messages via a text chat input form, just like any other basic chat room. So give it a try, invite your mates and enjoy chatting live on cam in groups with hopefully lots of other random strangers.




Some things you should know about our group video chat.

It is open to the entire internet!

This may sound like a really good thing, it’s accessible and free for everyone. However, not everyone has the same interests as you and not everyone will just be here to chat. Be very careful of any malicious, psychotic, scary, abusive or general idiots that shouldn’t be allowed to have an internet connection. Never arrange to meet anyone in the real world that you meet in a chat room, no matter how gorgeous, funny or genuine they seem to be. The world wide web is full of bad people, just use your common sence and stay safe!

It’s gonna use up your data plan quite fast!

When you use our video chat room, it is basically like watching a HD video. Depending on how fast your internet is depends on how much data you send and receive. Our system uses what’s called “WebRTC” and hooks you up to other chatters direct via your browser. Nothing is recorded on our servers, you are simply using your internet connection to connect directly to other chatters using video streams.

If you have a limited data plan, our random chat will easily chew up around 10 Gigbytes of data in an hour if there are 19 other chatters in the room. Only use our video chat room if you have unlimited internet data, unless you are stinking rich and don’t give a flying ….!

Can I video chat with my mobile phone?

Yes you can! Our system has been tested on all modern smartphones and tablets. As long as you have an up to date browser, Chrome, Firefox or Safari, you can video chat all day long. It’s also cross device compatible, so if you are in work, bored and using a desktop PC, you will be able to chat with other people, even if they are in a pub on their mobile phone.

Can I report anyone who pisses me off or I find quite scary and weird?

If you find something, contact us here with the exact time of the incidence and we will get rid of the offender or report them to the authorities if it’s something really bad. We do occasionally enter the group video chat room to see how things are going and remove anyone who just shouldn’t be in here.

What are the rules for group video chat?

As the group video chat is open to the general public and anyone with an internet connection. Unlike our random chat, you are chatting in large groups. Not everyone wants to see your tattoos in body areas you would get arrested for showing in public. Not many people like to talk to a genital. Although half the world probably does some sort of drugs, the other half don’t want to see it. Do you like getting abused by other people? Not many like that either.

Our rules are simple. No nudity, no drug use, no abuse. If you see something that you think shouldn’t be in our chat, report it and the offender will be dealt with by our team of black belts.