About Random Chat

Everything you need to know about why our Random Chat website was built.

Why should you use random chat?

The main reason, it’s fun! You get to meet total strangers live on cam, one to one. You don’t know who you are gonna get next. They could be sexy or handsome or they could be a complete weirdo or from another planet. You get both the excitement and shock factor. You probably also get a sore finger from clicking the “Next” button too many times.

Random chat is a great way to pass the hours, meet people from around the world and chat from the comfort of your own home, internet cafe or anywhere that has an internet connection. So if you are bored, lonely or just want to meet random strangers then random chat is something you will really enjoy!


Do I need an app or an software requirements to use random chat?

You only need a webcam or camera enabled device. All smartphones and tablets have a camera, most laptops have a webcam but if you are using an old PC, you may need to go out and buy a cheap webcam. You don’t need to download an app or install any extra software. Our random chat works using a P2P system, hooking you up to the other person via your browser. The higher your internet speed, the better the experience.


Why should I use RandomChat.Club over the other random chat sites?

You don’t have to use our site, it’s not like we have a gun to your head ready to pull the trigger if you leave for Omegle or ChatRoulette. What we wanted to achieve is a really simple to use random video chat site without all the bollocks you get from the others. Fast loading, user friendly and easy to use. No registration, just click a button from the start page, enter a name and connect with people from all over the world.

We have achieved what we wanted to do. Right from the start page you just enter a name and you’re in! Simplicity, no fancy graphics, no glitter, no animations, basically no overloaded crap that will slow down your experience. Plain and simple random video chat! Probably the fastest and most easy to use random chat site you will ever visit.


What should I do if I connect with someone doing something that isn’t very nice?

You can report the time and your IP via our contact form here if you see someone doing any of the following:

  • Naked or masturbating.
  • Being abusive or threatening.
  • Trying to sell you illegal drugs or weapons.
  • Acting in a suicidal manner.
  • Hurting or abusing another human or animal on cam.
  • Promoting any service.
  • Trying to get you to meet them in real life for a walk in the woods.

Please do not report another user for any of the following:

  • Being ugly.
  • Picking their nose.
  • Dancing badly.
  • Having a stutter.
  • Having tourettes.
  • Being from a country you dislike.
  • Wearing out of fashion clothing.


What types of Random Chat do you offer?

We have two types of random chat. The main one you can use direct from our start page is a one to one random video chat, hooking you up with another stranger privately. The other random chat is more like a video chat room. Anyone can enter and everyone in the group chat can see all other cams. The reason it’s random is you don’t know who will enter the chat group next. OK it’s just another video chat room but it’s also good fun!


We hope you enjoy our random chat website, have many hours of fun and enjoy meeting people. If you have any suggestions or feedback, contact us at anytime.